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Clamp Together Duct FAQs – Part 1 of 3 Even though Clamp Together Duct has been around for a number of years now, the industrial duct work industry is still learning about the many benefits of a fast and easy ductwork system. We get asked questions daily about our Clamp Together Duct system and thought […]

US Duct makes auto gates – automatic action gates – for virtually every industrial ductwork application. US Duct Auto Gates are: Product: Pneumatically operated– electrically controlled.  Require 90 psi to operate but uses very little volume. Uses electric solenoid to move the gate in the cylinder for directing air flow. Activated by virtually any electrical […]

US Duct is YOUR Fabrication Shop! Tired of calling around and trying to get all the pieces and parts done? Wearied with the struggle between dividing time fabricating and installing?  Fed up with losing your selling time to estimating and fabricating? Let US Duct help! With 34,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 10 receiving docks, […]