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Tired of waiting? The team at US Duct is committed to getting you quick clamp together duct – CRAZY QUICK!   You already know that clamp together duct is a smart choice for virtually any industrial ductwork/dust collection application. The many benefits include: Gauges light to heavy up to 70% faster installs A complete system: […]

US Duct announces new LOWER pricing for its Flap/Explosion Isolation Valve! Do to some recent improvements in manufacturing and design…we now offer a certified explosion isolation valve at very competitive pricing. Visit our website to learn more: CLICK NOW.        by

Duct hangers are often the last and always important part of your successful industrial duct system installation. What’s your hang up? US Duct makes a full line of hangers and accessories for your industrial ductwork needs. Most installations need a variety of hangers depending on the application, surroundings and/or individual site limitations. We have […]