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Discover The Real Industrial Spark Trap! We’ve had a number of conversation of late with customers about the need for a better Industrial Spark Trap solution for dealing with welding, grinding and cutting table sparks. We made one, a real spark trap: affordable, effective and unique. Give our new video¬†a watch or read about it […]

Industrial Cyclone Separators Add Value Industrial Cyclone Separators are viable options for many industrial applications that commonly challenge bag houses and cartridge filters. When the air stream is heavy with debris, large particulate or abrasive material, the filtration process can be very taxing on bag-houses and other filter systems. Cyclones can improve system performance, reduce […]

Consider Clamp Together Duct as a Possible Alternative to Spiral Duct Spiral duct has been around a long time and if you have used it regularly, you are likely comfortable with the benefits – or at least the apparent benefits of spiral duct for industrial applications. Recently, US Duct has received a number of inquiries […]