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US Tubing Solutions: Providing A Clean & Safe Workspace    Many modern manufacturing facilities contain machines such as CNCs & EDMs for metalworking and machining that produce oil mist. In wet manufacturing, this mist creates both an enormous safety hazard and a health concern for employees. It is imperative that the mist given off by […]

US Duct is now THE ONLY Industrial Ductwork Manufacturer that offers two different styles of clamping ductwork.   Rolled Lip Clamp Together – Our laser welded Roll-Lip Clamp Together Ducting (CTD) is a ducting system that incorporates a rolled edge and a gasketed, over-center clamp to draw together and seal the rolled lip that is formed […]

Laser Welding at US Duct – Why? Recently US Duct invested in a laser welder for seam welding duct and tubing. The question you are probably asking is why and what does it do for me? And frankly that was the question we asked on your behalf prior to shelling out the money. I mean […]

The Benefits of an Adjustable Duct Product Clamp Together Duct, also called rolled-lip duct, has distinct advantages over tradition ductwork – flange connected, welded together and spiral duct. These advantages fall mainly in the category of SPEED. The clamp together connections allow for an estimated 70% faster installation than traditional methods. However, the main reason […]

US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct Allows for Adjustment in the Fittings If you’re familiar with a clamp together duct product, then you already know how quickly it installs. Just by using the adjustable sleeve (watch video), you can simply and quickly adjust the length of your ductwork runs during the installation process. AND, did you […]

Clamp Together Duct   The Quick Connect, Quick Assembly, Rolled-Lip, No-Weld Ductwork Clamp Together Duct, often call quick-fit or rolled lip duct, is really a ductwork joining system more than just a type of pipe. At US Duct we know more about Clamp Together Duct than anyone – our founders have been manufacturing the clamp together […]

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – CLAMP TOGETHER DUCT! Watch the Video Meet the Infinitely Adjustable, Quick Install, Clamp Together Duct System Why Do People Choose Clamp Together Duct? The number one reason tens of thousands of people have chosen Clamp Together Duct is speed of installation. But that is actually the result of several features of the […]

Tired of waiting? The team at US Duct is committed to getting you quick clamp together duct – CRAZY QUICK!   You already know that clamp together duct is a smart choice for virtually any industrial ductwork/dust collection application. The many benefits include: Gauges light to heavy up to 70% faster installs A complete system: […]

Duct hangers are often the last and always important part of your successful industrial duct system installation. What’s your hang up? US Duct makes a full line of hangers and accessories for your industrial ductwork needs. Most installations need a variety of hangers depending on the application, surroundings and/or individual site limitations. We have […]

< Clamp Together Duct FAQs – Part 2 of 3 Even though Clamp Together Duct has been around for a number of years now, the industrial duct work industry is still learning about the many benefits of a fast and easy ductwork system. We get asked questions daily about our Clamp Together Duct system and […]