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US Tubing Solutions: Providing A Clean & Safe Workspace    Many modern manufacturing facilities contain machines such as CNCs & EDMs for metalworking and machining that produce oil mist. In wet manufacturing, this mist creates both an enormous safety hazard and a health concern for employees. It is imperative that the mist given off by […]

Your Clamp Together Duct TIGHTER Alternative – Meet US Tubing   I have been a champion of Clamp Together Duct, also known as rolled-lip duct, for decades. Since its introduction into the United States in the 1980s, this European developed duct has moved from a specialty product (used only where the duct needed to be […]

Diveter Valves and Automatic Diverter Valves Diverter valves are primarily used by customers wanting to …well…divert material or air between two different locations. For example, the wood processing industry has often used them to direct collected wood dust or chips that is being blown into one of two trucks, When one truck is full the […]

What Makes A Great Supplier for Industrial Ductwork? When it comes to industrial ductwork manufacturers, there are a hundred or more options out there. Likely, you already have a SUPER duct supplier relationship going. That’s nice. Then again, if you’re visiting this website, it might be that you’re in search of something that you aren’t getting. […]

Consider Clamp Together Duct as a Possible Alternative to Spiral Duct Spiral duct has been around a long time and if you have used it regularly, you are likely comfortable with the benefits – or at least the apparent benefits of spiral duct for industrial applications. Recently, US Duct has received a number of inquiries […]

You know it when you say it..duct gets heard as duck. Why fight it? We decided to embrace it. The 2016, Duct-Duck Wall Calendar.   If you’d like a printed copy, Email US Duct and tell us where to mail it. Enjoy! by

Ductwork Silencers for Industrial and Commercial Applications         Silencers Quiet is the audible side of ‘green’. More and more attention is being paid to the impact of noise- on neighbors and workers. Everyone who has ever worked around a noise producer only to have it suddenly cut off and then experienced the […]

US Duct manufactures a such a wide variety of special application parts and custom designed solutions that we couldn’t possibly show you everything. Recently, we built a handy-dandy “Pull Chain Butterfly Valve.” A butterfly valve is typically used to reduce or stop air flow in the duct. However, sometimes the location of the valve makes it […]

Duct hangers are often the last and always important part of your successful industrial duct system installation. What’s your hang up? US Duct makes a full line of hangers and accessories for your industrial ductwork needs. Most installations need a variety of hangers depending on the application, surroundings and/or individual site limitations. We have […]

US Duct Does Large Item Fabrication Yes! We fabricate large and custom designed products. At US Duct, we are a full service fabrication shop, YOUR Personal Fabrication Shop, working with sheet metal – Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Carbon – from lighter gauges and up to ¼” thickness. US-Duct is located in 34,000 square foot facility and […]