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Discover The Real Industrial Spark Trap! We’ve had a number of conversation of late with customers about the need for a better Industrial Spark Trap solution for dealing with welding, grinding and cutting table sparks. We made one, a real spark trap: affordable, effective and unique. Give our new video¬†a watch or read about it […]

The US Duct spark trap continues to attract attention. The simple and yet effective design, coupled with its rugged construction, offers the seller and their customers a cost effective solution to a growing problem. (WHAT?! You’re just learning that we offer a Spark Trap? Read the full story on US Duct Spark Trap.) And of […]

Spark trap! An affordable, useful solution! First there was a PROBLEM: Sparks and embers can make their way through duct and create flame and explosion hazards. In addition to the highly regulated and costly flame prevention and extinguishing systems offered, the industry needed a simple and cost effective means of reducing sparks from grinding, welding, […]