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Only THE GOOD…No Bad, No Ugly! How? #DuctworkMadeEasy – It Is As Easy As 1-2-3…4   1.   Get a Duct Guy – Contact US Duct and we’ll answer the phone (no voicemail jail). Talk to a seasoned duct professional. Get expert help and more duct options than anyone else can offer. Have a drawing and need […]

US Duct is now THE ONLY Industrial Ductwork Manufacturer that offers two different styles of clamping ductwork.   Rolled Lip Clamp Together – Our laser welded Roll-Lip Clamp Together Ducting (CTD) is a ducting system that incorporates a rolled edge and a gasketed, over-center clamp to draw together and seal the rolled lip that is formed […]

Laser Welding at US Duct – Why? Recently US Duct invested in a laser welder for seam welding duct and tubing. The question you are probably asking is why and what does it do for me? And frankly that was the question we asked on your behalf prior to shelling out the money. I mean […]

Your Clamp Together Duct TIGHTER Alternative – Meet US Tubing   I have been a champion of Clamp Together Duct, also known as rolled-lip duct, for decades. Since its introduction into the United States in the 1980s, this European developed duct has moved from a specialty product (used only where the duct needed to be […]

Discover The Real Industrial Spark Trap! We’ve had a number of conversation of late with customers about the need for a better Industrial Spark Trap solution for dealing with welding, grinding and cutting table sparks. We made one, a real spark trap: affordable, effective and unique. Give our new video a watch or read about it […]

US Duct – 50% Off Special Offer! Quotes for NEW Small American Businesses – It’s Good For America Unfortunately and contrary to political and banking rhetoric, starting a small business is not easy. It requires a lot of work AND a lot of money. But small business is the backbone of who we are as Americans. We […]

YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! HAVE YOUR OWN FABRICATION SHOP WITH US DUCT Tired of calling around and trying to get all the pieces and parts done? Wearied with the struggle between dividing time quoting, fabricating and installing? Fed up with losing your selling time to estimating and fabricating? Make a real RESOLUTION – Let US Duct help! […]

US Duct manufactures a such a wide variety of special application parts and custom designed solutions that we couldn’t possibly show you everything. Recently, we built a handy-dandy “Pull Chain Butterfly Valve.” A butterfly valve is typically used to reduce or stop air flow in the duct. However, sometimes the location of the valve makes it […]

Meet Mike Hansen. A recent addition to our Sales Technician team, Mike (Hollywood) Hansen brings technical swagger and customer focus to his work at US Duct. We took a few minutes to pry into the mind of The Hansen (a dangerous endeavor, for sure). Meet Mike. Birthplace: Baltimore, MD Education: GTCC and UNCG for Business […]

The Duct Guys are up to the ‘ole Proven Branding Techniques again and this time we think they’er really on to something! Bikini Models! Enjoy. Want more? Click on over to our US Duct YouTube channel and see all 4…count them FOUR! by