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Diveter Valves and Automatic Diverter Valves Diverter valves are primarily used by customers wanting to …well…divert material or air between two different locations. For example, the wood processing industry has often used them to direct collected wood dust or chips that is being blown into one of two trucks, When one truck is full the […]

Clamp together ducting is probably the quickest and easiest method for solving dust, fume, and fine mist collection. Available in 3 inch to 24 inch sizes, it’s manufactured in both standard and heavy gauge galvanized and stainless steel. What makes clamp together duct so great? It can be used primarily or in conjunction with other […]

It is no small thing that wood dust particles are carcinogenic, most likely due to the chemicals used to treat and preserve lumber against moisture, decay, termites, and fire, to name a few. Wood dust that is less than 10 microns in size is most dangerous to humans because it stays airborne longer, penetrates deeper […]