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My Favorite Duct Duck Contest!

The US Duct-Ducks!

It’s game on! The US Duct Ducks are running a foul…all over the last three years! Here at US Duct, we all have our favorite. Some love the baby ducks on the rolled-lip pipe and sleeve.

Some people are BIG fans of the patriotic ducks – the gate keepers!

And still others are big fans of Peeking Duck…get it…peeking duck!?!

No matter if these are your favorite duct-ducks or you have another ducky love from our 3 years worth of calendars, we want to know!


What’s your favorite duct-duck? Just post a pic or comment below telling us. Let’s get down with it!


Oh…to make it fun – we’ll randomly pick a person from the comments below for a FREE Visa gift card and a feature in our March e-newsletter!


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